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History of the MVSU National Alumni Association, Inc.

Since the founding of the university, the alumni of Mississippi Valley State University (MVSU) have been strong supporters of their alma mater. To help in the continued growth of the university, the National Alumni Association (NAA) was created in 1954. The Association has been a growing force behind MVSU ever since.

MVSU (1974), a historically black university, is the youngest state-assisted institution of higher learning in the state of Mississippi. Established in 1946, Mississippi Vocational College (1950-1964) opened its doors at this present location in 1950. The members of the first graduating class, the class of 1953, organized the National Alumni Association in the fall of 1954, and adopted the first constitution in 1955.

Over the past 49 years, the MVSU National Alumni Association, like the university, has undergone tremendous growth and development starting with the Association's first president. Today, under the leadership of the 17th president of the National Alumni Association, this thriving organization pledged its support to the University's 25 million-dollar national fund-raising campaign and continues to support the mission and objectives of Mississippi Valley State University.